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Welcome to Sew Sew Guild

A Community for Curious Sewists of Any Ability and Size.

What is Sew Sew Guild?

Join us! We're a creative, kind and supportive group of enthusiastic sewists! We're curious, want to learn, or maybe just want to sew occasionally and be inspired.

The Guild has lots of resources to build your skills, have fun, and connect with other sewists. It's a unique space where you'll get skills and sewing friends to last a lifetime!

Access How To Videos, Sew Sew Fitopedia, Topical Groups, and more!

Plus! Come to the Guild-Only live show: Pattern Chatter! A monthly pattern review show!

Each month, members pin newly released patterns to a Pinterest page. On the first Friday, we go live and chat about all the new releases. We talk about if there are similar patterns, why this one may be a better fit for you or may be not, discuss the pros and cons of each pattern and even try to discern potential issues.

Who is Sew Sew Guild?

The Sew Sew Guild was borne out of the Sew Sew Live Community on YouTube aka Saremy Duffy, a veteran of the sewing and garment industry. Saremy brings a unique perspective to home sewing that allows you to be YOU and still get the results you want. 

Fitting, Sewing, Designing and Drafting are all aspects of making ourselves clothes. In the Guild you can learn and get better at all of them. 

This is not all about Saremy! It's about you! The Guild isn't a pressurized space nor are their challenges, social pressure, or competition. You can be very involved or low-key. It's not a space that will make you feel like you cannot keep up or you need to achieve. It's supportive where you are at in your sewing journey. I think you're going to find it very fun.

What to Expect?

When you first open up the Guild, you'll find a pleasing and simply designed space. It's similar to a Facebook group where you can create a 'post' with likes and comments-but so much easier to keep up with and less confusing since it's searchable and posts are able to be tagged and/or saved.

But please don't think of it like Facebook! 

It's so much more! There are no ads and nobody is mining your data. It's private and only people who belong to the Sew Sew Community are welcome. You can message others, join ONLY the Groups you're interested in, and spend time in the Guild on your iPhone, Tablet, Android or Desktop-whatever you like- the Guild can be accessed through an app or web browser. Since Sew Sew Guild began in January 2022, we've grown steadily and with minimal advertising (just mentions in YouTube live streams). If you've found Sew Sew Guild, it's probably because you've been searching for something like this and it found you!

What's Missing?

There are no businesses in the Sew Sew Guild. There may be members who own or are a part of sewing related businesses but they aren't in there to sell things to you(and they haven't made themselves known to us if they are here). This is a space that is free of marketing and temptation to buy things from businesses. It's not to say that others may share a sale happening for patterns or fabric, or show off their own purchases. But there is never going to be deals that have been brokered to get access to YOU. Saremy gets offers for collaborations and promos five times each week. She has so far said no to all of them. If she takes one up, it'll be for content on YouTube or Instagram- not to the private community. 

You are not for sale.

Are there Paid Groups/Tiers?

Yes...sort of. The Guild is free for everyone. We value all sewists of all levels and in all sizes and from all economic backgrounds. 

If you're someone with more resources, you can choose to support the Guild by becoming a part of Sew Sew Supporters, a monthly subscription with no extra benefits. A group that is basically, 'Keep doing what you're doing.' level.

And if you have even more resources or want to up your sewing game by accessing Skill Building Sessions or getting direct answers from Saremy about YOUR particular project, fitting issue or sewing quandary, you can join Sew Sew Guildies, a monthly or yearly subscription tier with benefits. There is some detail about this Group below. 

But one thing to be made clear, these groups do not socialize separately- we're all together. The Guild community is for everyone. 

More About the two Paid Groups:

  • Sew Sew Supporter ($5.99/mo) (basic support with no additional benefits).
  • Sew Sew Guildies ($15.99/mo or $159.99 annually) Annual plans are discounted 17% (which equals two months free each year) Benefit overview below or see the nitty gritty details by selecting this Group at the bottom.
  • You can belong to both Groups, or just one.

Sew Sew Supporter (paid tier)

$5.99/month This is basically a 'keep doing what you're doing' or 'I support what I've gotten from Sew Sew' sort of tier/group. There are no additional benefits with this Group.

Sew Sew Guildie (paid Group)

When you become a Sew Sew Guildie, you get access to:

  • Workshop: Four Zoom Workshops held throughout the month for Sewing related help and conversation. These take place every other week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Time will be shown in your time zone.
  • Skill Building Sessions: Nine detailed and thorough Foundational Skill Building Sessions with Videos and Resources
  • Skill Building Blocks: Twelve bite-sized Skill Building Sessions centered on Cutting, Sewing, Fitting or Drafting
  • Quick Fit: Nine Bite-sized Fitting specific topics
  • First Chance at Classes held here in Sew Sew Guild
  • Discounts for Classes and Patterns Released in the Sew Sew Guild or on the SewSew.Live website.

You can see EXACTLY what you get as a Guildie but selecting this Group at the bottom of the screen to learn more. All the Skill Building Sessions, Blocks and Quick Fits are listed with a description of each.

Free Guild Member Overview

If you're not ready to dive in to a Group, you can always join and get to know the community at a social level. With the Free Guild Membership, you get things like posting your makes, access to polls, messaging, Events, Courses, Groups, social stuff, and so much more- PLUS! You get access to the Guild-Only live show each month reviewing newly released patterns suggested by YOU, Pattern Chatter!

Some of the Free Groups you can join as a Free member are: 

  • Capsule Wardrobe Fun
  • Jacket, and Coats and Blazers, Oh my!
  • Lingerie Lounge
  • NZ/AU Chatter
  • Piece by Piece Quilt Group
  • Sandhill Sling Along
  • Sew Alongs & Challenges
  • Sew Lost in the Read 

Become a Guild member today!

We're super excited to have you and happy sewing!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions by emailing: [email protected]

Thanks for considering the Sew Sew Guild!